Tuesday, June 2, 2009

POETS Activity

POETS Activity

March 2008 – Inception.  Handed out Easter invites around Wilson park and began about 6 months of providing snacks every Wed. at the parkr

April 2008 – Acquired Tax ID #

May 2008 – First garage sale (made approx $850)

May 2008 – Helped three families at Killybrook Ele. with food, toiletries, etc.

Sept. 2008 – Provided 215 supply stuffed backpacks to seven different CM elementaries plus 100 sets of supplies to one elementary school. (Received $3000 from RH)

Nov. 2008 – Dec. 2008 – Received four donated vehicles that were distributed to four deserving families.  Provided $500 for each to pay for registration, repairs, etc.

Nov. 2008 – Second garage sale. (Made approx. $1850) – Sent four large garbage bags of clothes and shoes to Uganda.

Nov. 2008 – Helped a family (friend of a gal in group) pay $3000 in bills, get food via gift cards, etc.

Dec. 2008 – Helped four families at Christmas time with food, toiletries, clothes and $50 - $100 Target gift cards.

Dec. 2008 – received $7500 from RH

Feb. 2009 – began providing house cleaning to two individuals (married) with cancer (promised for at least six months)

Mar. 2009 – Helped a gal by providing $200 change for a garage sale to pay month’s rent and also buying baby stuff (crib, etc.) from her to give to another mom.

Mar 2009 – Provided a walker for a disabled Haitian girl

Mar 2009 – gathered clothes and grocery gift cards for a family in need.

May 2009 - Third garage sale.  Made approximately $1,200.

June 2009 - Gave $3000 to a family whose young son has cancer and insurance is no longer agreeing to pay.

Income generated to date (4/24/09):    $18,743.74

Expenditures to date:                                $15,539.71

Balance to date:                                         $ 3,204.03

Have decided to concentrate our efforts on single moms from three elementary schools in CM.