Monday, November 2, 2009


POETS is trying to help single moms in our community this holiday season. We are throwing a group of approximately 20 moms and their kids a holiday brunch on Dec. 5th. We are hoping to collect several $25 Target gift cards to distribute equally among the moms so that they are able to shop independently for their children this Christmas. We need your help!! If you are able, please send Target gift cards in $25 increments to:

219 Wellesley Ln
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

POETS will be obtaining their nonprofit status this week. So if you would like, we are able to send you a receipt for your donations.

We are also hoping to supply these moms with food for their holiday. If you would like to contribute financially, please use the "Donate" button located on the left of this page. Again, if you would like a receipt, please simply note this when you donate.

Thanks so much for your support!!
The POETS moms!

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  1. Hi all, My husband and I heard about POETS in the RH sermon this weekend. We love the concept and heart of what you guys are doing. We definitely want to help. We are about to have a baby and got lots of new baby clothes that we don't need. Can we donate these to perhaps be distributed to someone in need? Please email me back at